Bringing the sector’s expertise to the EU’s doorstep

We defend the interests of our members at European level, safeguarding the independence, resilience and profitability of businesses supplying liquid fuels for households and motorists of the European Union. We give our members a voice in the EU legislative debate as well as a platform to exchange ideas with their peers.

As the united voice of the business sector, ECFD works closely with the European institutions to bring the expertise of its members to the EU’s doorstep. On all EU matters we enjoy excellent collaboration with our partner organisations representing other sections of the oil value chain, such as FuelsEurope, UPEI and Eurofuel.

We are committed to promoting energy efficient systems and a better integration of renewable energy sources. We advocate for a clean and secure energy mix within a competitive market, supported by non-discriminatory EU energy policy.

ECFD aims to:

  • Support research into innovative liquid fuels, to facilitate the transition to a decarbonised heat supply with a diverse mix, focusing on the deployment of synthetic fuels generated exclusively with renewable energy (e-fuels)
  • Develop & supply state-of the art heating systems to achieve genuine energy savings and reduce CO2 emission
  • Promote the autonomous and unrivalled energy storage capacities of liquid fuels
  • Foster a technology-open approach and a diverse energy mix as the best way to avoid overreliance on one specific source, leaving free choice to citizens
  • Help to raise citizens’ awareness about energy efficiency in buildings and heating systems.

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