The European Confederation of Fuel Distributors

ECFD represents the interests of more than 10,000 distributors of liquid fuels, ensuring that demands of fuel retailers are heard at the EU level. With an average of 60% of the independent filling stations being family-owned, ECFD members supply tens of millions of conventional fuels, biofuels, LPG and CNG. Our members own convenience retail outlets and motorway service areas and provide a range of products and services to European consumers. They also manage and supply fuels used in agricultural machinery, shipping and public sector works as well as road diesel directly to individual road hauliers.

Modern heating with liquid fuels provides millions of European households with:
Improved air quality, thanks to cleaner fuels with reduced sulphur content
Higher energy savings, thanks to well-proven and mature heating technology
Affordable solutions for vulnerable consumers, thanks to the low cost of upgrading to more energy efficient heating systems.

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Heating oil: From the ground to your radiator




  • Petroleum: a very efficient source of energy with the highest energy density
  • Short conversion chain: maximum efficiency and minimum losses



  • Clean fuels, high quality, as defined in the Fuel Quality Directive
  • European excellence in petroleum refining
  • A very competitive and affordable energy



  • Energy that can be supplied everywhere
  • A well-developed infrastructure
  • A competitive market with a high diversity of suppliers


Oil tank

  • Autonomous purchase decision and stock management
  • Easy and safe storage of energy for your home



  • Proven technologies to heat your home efficiently, produced by diverse and highly innovative businesses


heat supply

  • Reliable heat supply for your home, even in extreme weather conditions
  • Easy integration of renewable sources with hybrid systems – oil as a perfect back-up energy supply

ECFD’s internal organisation

President: Markus König


1963      born in Stuttgart, Germany

1982     start with Friedrich Scharr KG, Stuttgart

2000 – today – Member of Executive Board, Friedrich Scharr KG

2004 – today – Managing Director, Scharr Wärme Gmbh & Co.KG

2019 – today – UNITI Member of Board, active in Lubricants Committee, Heating Committee

2023 – ECFD President

Vice-President: Jürgen Roth


1973 – born in Graz (Austria)

1998 – Master in International Economcs – University of West Florida

1998 – Managing Director of Roth Heizöle GmbH

2015 – Managing Director of Tank Roth GmbH

2021 – Member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels 

2021 – Chairman of the Board of the eFuel Alliance Austria

2022 – European Confederation of Fuel Distributors (ECFD), Vice-President

Secretary General: Matthias Ploetzke


1969 born in Schwerin (Germany)

1997 Master in Economics

1998 Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Policy Advisor

2000 German British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK London), Head of Business Development

2003 Federation of German Industries (BDI), Policy Advisor Transport Policy

2008 German Shipowners‘ Association (VDR), Director Climate Policy

2017 MEW Mittelstaendische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland (Independent Fuel Suppliers Germany) Policy Advisor Fuels Policy and Climate Protection

2019 MEW Director General

2022 UNITI Federal Association of medium-sized Fuel Distributors Germany, Managing Director European Affairs

2022 European Confederation of Fuel Distributors (ECFD), Secretary General

Head of Brussels Office: Johan Mattart


1966 – born in Bruges (Belgium)

1988 – Master in diplomatic sciences – University Ghent

1989 – Master in Advanced European Studies – College of Europe Bruges

1993 – Master Business Administration – University Brussels

1990-1993 – Account executive at the Belgian Federation of Fuels Distributors (Brafco)

1993-2000 – Advisor at Brafco

2000-2004 – Brafco Administrative director

2004-today – Brafco General Director

2011-2016 – ECFD General Secretary

2017-today – Head of ECFD Brussels office

Additionally Johan is co-founder and president of Promaz (www.promaz.be), co-founder of Bofas (www.bofas.be) and vice-president of Informazout (www.informazout.be).

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