Contribution to the public consultation on energy taxation

Directive 2003/96/EC has been in force since 2004. Its effect on the single market, including on competition, has never been assessed. The Energy Taxation Directive contains a set of minimum rates and a number of optional tax schemes which reduce the level of harmonisation but which have never been given a proper assessment. Since its entry into force, the Energy Taxation Directive has been subject to a growing number of interpretations by the European Court of Justice, indicating that certain provisions lack clarity.

Before deciding on whether any action is required and before making concrete proposals for change, it is important to capture effectively the current state of play as regards the effects from the application of the Energy Taxation Directive.

The objective of this consultation is therefore to gather factual information, data, knowledge and perception about the application of the Energy Taxation Directive in order to identify whether the current levels of taxation applied to motor fuels, heating fuels and electricity in accordance with the different provisions of the Directive, are still fit for purpose, in particular to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market. The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is accessible in all official EU languages.


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